Online VS Offline: Where Should You Make Your Bet?

The internet has allowed many things to change. Gambling is one of the things that experienced a lot of changes to the way it was done and how it is enjoyed. The field of eSports is one that can be enjoyed either through a screen—via streaming—or by being physically present at the event where the match is being held.

So when you’re planning on placing any bets on any upcoming game in the world of eSports, it is very important that you consider where you are going to be placing your bet. We emphasize on ‘where’ because most people think that betting online is the only option available. So far, there are two clear options: online and offline.


The internet made it highly possible for people to do purchases from the security and comfort of their homes. When placing bets on eSports, there are a lot of different websites that accept bets from spectators.

onl - Online VS Offline: Where Should You Make Your Bet?


The trouble with online sites is that there are a lot of scam sites which have been known to mimic legitimate betting websites. When you’re thinking of placing a bet online, it would be important to make sure that the site you’re using is wholly reliable and legitimate.


In a more traditional sense, people who do not wish to risk their money or identities online can leave the comfort of their homes and go to an established betting hall or casino. There is usually a counter there that has a dedicated bookie.

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Chances are they’ll also have a list of odds and the sort of bets being made. The trouble with this is that there are a lot of gambling halls which do not think that eSports is worth entertaining.

Final Thoughts

Before you make a decision on where you should make your bet, always consider the other factors involved. If you’re wondering what some of those factors are, tune in for our next article where we talk about it more. For now, we hope that you carefully consider your options for placing your bets.

Do you make bets online or in gambling halls? What pros and cons have you experienced with your betting location?