For the Long Haul: How to Form Solid Betting Decisions

Betting on eSports is a great way to make money on the side. Deciding on who or what to bet on needs a bit of strategic planning and will need a solid process for it. Today, we wanted to share a few ways on how you may form solid betting decisions.

Read Up

In the age of the internet, information is your friend. This information can be found rather easily. You can go to the official forums of the eSports teams that you follow or the forums of the game itself. You can try going on places like Reddit for thoughtful discussions about who’s who and what the projected win/loss ratio is for a particular team.

Reading up and storing your knowledge about the game you’re focused on can help you build better decisions about the team or player that you place a bet on.

img - For the Long Haul: How to Form Solid Betting Decisions


This may sound odd when we’re talking about making bets but it’s one that we do rely on. Sports-betting is one that is pretty much trial and error. If you’re ever going to trust your decisions and the process that led you to that decision, you need to test it out.

Start small. Make it an amount that you won’t miss and won’t cripple your finances. If you get the right result consistently with your small bets, you’ll gain the confidence that you need for the bigger ones.

Final Thoughts

Having your own process for forming betting decisions is a must for any sports bettor. The field of eSports will have a lot of varying tips, updates, and events. It can be fairly easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of it. When you do not have your own process, you will always doubt your decisions and lack accountability for the decision you’ve made.

Do you have your own process for bet decisions? What’s part of your decision making?