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The internet is a wonderful thing. It has brought about a great many changes, especially in the world of gambling. Back in the day, if people wanted to be able to enjoy the act of gambling, they would have to leave the comfort and safety of their homes and go to find a gambling hall or a casino that they can rely on.

In today’s world, gambling can be done through online means. Sports-betting is one particular gambling activity which has garnered a lot of following and is a serious source of money. It was only a matter of time before intrepid gamblers saw that eSports would be something they could place bets on as well.

This is what CSGO Counter is going to be about. We are a resource that is wholly dedicated to the concept of eSports betting—especially the eSport Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The people behind this site are all avid gamblers AND massive fans of eSports in general.

It is our goal to provide our readers with useful tips and thoughtful insight on how they would be able to spot good bets and how to secure them at minimal losses. We hope that you join us as we continue to explore eSports betting!