How to Get Free Skins in CSGO

Before discussing the ways to get free skins in CSGO you should know what CSGO or Counter Strike: Global Offensive is and what skins mean for it.

Valve has introduced a first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which was in news since long but not in a positive manner. According to a report, some of the players have used it for gambling. As per a detected scandal, some of the players have been recognized as the owner of a betting site that used this game for promoting their videos. They have used CSGO skins to make this scandal but they have not used any skin to change the looks of this game.

What is a CSGO skin?

Normally skins are used in video games to change the looks of certain item or character in it but in CSGO these skins are used to change the finish or appearance of the visual design of weapons including a knife or a firearm.

Working of a skin

A CSGO skin changes only the fabulous looks of the weapons used in this instead of anything else. A skin is just an item to make cosmetic changes in the looks of a weapon instead of improving its power. For instance, the firepower of a machine gun will remain the same regardless of the skin used on it.

When the skins are introduced in CSGO

Skins have been introduced in Counter Strike: Global Offensive by Valve, its creator, in 2013, mid-August while updating the Arms Deal’ section of this game. They have introduced over 100 skins divided into 10 themed segments including Office, Assault, Aztec and Dust etc.

How to get free skins in CSGO?

One can get CSGO skins as a reward for playing this game on its official site or any other community server. The loot of these skins drops regularly when you play this game. You can also get the cases for your weapons for a particular mission in the form of rewards or loot drops. In order to open these cases, you will have to buy keys for $2.50 from the in-game store or from the Steam Community market as well as from the open market.

But some of the community servers offer CSGO skins free by earning points in various ways. These ways may include offers, completing tasks, mining cryptocurrencies and watching videos as well as inviting your friends to join the idle servers. In this way, you can choose a method of your choice to earn points and ultimately free skins for this game without any gambling, special efforts, and risk.

Method 1 – Using the servers of CS:GO

This method includes idling on the game servers until some loot drops instead of idling on the servers on regular basis. But every player receives such loot drops every week in a limited amount.

So to receive these points automatically by idling on the server, you only have to join the server and wait for the loot drops instead of doing any other work. Waiting idly on CSGO server you can do some other works.

In this way, you can earn points after joining the CSGO servers which can be cashed out instantly either through Coin base or OPskins. Moreover, you can earn one point every minute during the time you stay idling on the server. You can also earn additional points by completing surveys on some other idle servers.

In order to join a server, you will have to choose the IP address of the server of your choice and click on its Join button.

Method 2 – Videos and Surveys

It is the right way to earn points at the fastest rate. You can find a number of survey sites online which can help you in earning points by completing a few surveys and tasks for them. You can also earn more points just by clicking on certain banners while watching their videos.

Getting free skins

You can easily purchase a skin in CSGO by earning enough points to buy them by completing the surveys as well as staying idle on the servers. You can withdraw your points in the form of digital money to buy a skin without spending a penny from your pocket.

Thus, one can get free CSGO skins to change the looks of their weapons in this game.